From low-volume production to one-offs: we rely on our contract-oriented concept to secure efficiency and cost advantages based on national and international standards. Our high quality standards and state-of-the-art inspection technology facilitate our high manufacturing quality, and thus malfunction-free and reliable use of our products.

In addition to standardized control cabinets, panels, and tablets, including containers with installed switchgear, our highly-efficient manufacturing methods also allow us to cost-effectively manufacture and offer customized products under industrial conditions.

We build what you actually need.

We manufacture and test electro-technical equipment for our customers

- based on customer documentation
- based on customer specifications
- with and without material procurements
- one-offs and small unit volumes

Special-purpose testing

We have extensive equipment for special-purpose testing (FAT, system test, complex testing):

- Infeed power up to 1.6 MVA
- 12-pulse mode at 400/500/690/1.000 V
- insert transformer 250 kVA
- high-current testing up to 6,000 A
- motor loads DC/three-phase 350 kVA
- test stands for highly-dynamic drives up to 400 kW
- 60 Hz generator
- water-cooling for electrical installations
- various resistance loads

In the presence of the customer, factory acceptance tests involve performing specified tests of linked installation elements and simulated peripherals.

We offer drive system testing as system tests. Our test stand for highly-dynamic drives allows to conduct tests of frequency converters/rectifiers with the original motor.

For software tests, we offer the option to conduct a complex test on linked automation installations.