The railway protection and control unit (SGBA) facilitates monitoring and control of equipment and installations for DC railway applications.

The SGBA - a modular combination

consisting of:

  • protection module
  • capacitor trigger
  • user-programmable PLC metrology readings
  • E/A modules
  • Cable monitoring
  • Display for visualization and parameter programming

The extensive protection and control functionality is managed by two independent high-performance processors.

The versatile protection functionality of the SGBA can be used to continuously monitor current and voltage for exceeding or falling below parameter-controlled thresholds.

In the event one of the protection functions is tripped, the connected DC switch can be rapidly shut-down with the capacitor trigger integrated into the SGBA. Messages and measurement values can be transmitted to a USB stick via the integrated interface.

The integrated PLC is user-programmable iaw. IEC 61131-3. The runtime license required for this purpose is already implemented in the SGBA.

User-friendly software is available for analysis and diagnostic functions. The software can provide detailed depictions of measurement value curves and is also used to program the parameters for the SGBA.