Elpro LV ENSaS 5000 switchgear system

Elpro LV ENSaS 5000 switchgear system

The Elpro ENSaS 5000 LV switchgear system is a highly-effective, variable use system for all industrial applications - type-tested iaw. IEC 61439-1, -2 and ASTA certified.

The innovative withdrawable design developed by  Elpro based on the Ri4Power system from Rittal gives buyers of the ENSaS 5000 high installation uptime and reliability. The patented operating principle consists of the lateral contact mechanism that relies on a roller contactor. It facilitates the trouble-free exchange of entire modules even when hot.

Components of the modular LV system

  • Distributor as motor control center (hardwired, plug-in and/or withdrawable design)
  • Power switch panels for infeeds, couplings, taps
  • General tap panels for consumers
  • Switch bank panels

Technical specifications:

Nominal voltage:

   400/500/690 V three-phase

Main busbar
max. nominal current:

   5000 A/110 kA

internal segmentation:

    Form 1 to 4

protection type:

   IP 20 to IP 54