Elpro high speed switch module (HSSM)

Based on its power-electronics switching principle and its complex functionality, the Elpro high speed switch module (HSSM) meets the highest expectations in DC railway
power systems.

The HSSM facilitates fast, wear-free and bi-direction shut-downs of operating and residual current in forward and reverse direction.

Characteristic features

  • small installation volume by avoiding an open switching arc (wear / short-circuit detection and reaction within 100μs
  • current recording dependent on current increases
  • max. switch-off times: 2.2 ms
  • Current limited to 20kA to protect the installation at current trip values up to 12 k
  • Overcurrent protection function with remotely programmable current trip parameters, digital setting in 100 A increments
  • remotely controlled switchover from operating to disconnected setting
  • Self-diagnostics

Rated current = 2,500 A DC /4,000 A DC

Rated voltage = 1,000 V DC