The Elpro disconnector type series EST, EKT, EDT, ETT and EUT are used as galvanic isolators for electrical installations elements and were designed specifically for use in DC-switchgear installations.

They have high surge current strength and overload resistance. Depending on the application, we produce the following disconnectors:

  • Rail disconnectors (EST)
  • Small disconnectors (EKT)
  • Double disconnectors (EDT)
  • Triple disconnectors (ETT)
  • Switchover disconnectors (EUT)

All disconnectors meet DIN EN 50123-3.

The EST is installed directly into the busbar system without support and/or contact to the housing. This disconnector configuration supports particularly compact switch cell designs.

The EKT requires a mounting surface for installation and can therefore also be used as a support element.

The EDT is a special-purpose solution for two-pole galvanic isolation. It is specifically designed as a input disconnector for switch cabinets.

A primary feature of these Elpro disconnectors are the individually spring-loaded contact fingers. These travel on both sides of a contact rail (contact element, busbar, etc.) and perform a rubbing motion when making contact (contact cleaning). The large contact surface results in a high current load capacity and overload capacity of the disconnectors. The resulting overload capacity for all disconnectors is load class VI (IEC146-1; 1991-03).

Since the individual fingers only require a relatively low contact pressure, the drive power demand is equally low (approx. 18 W).

Type identifier


Rated voltage

1.0/3.6 kV

1.0/3.6 kV

1.0/3.6 kV

1.0 kV

Rated operating current DC
(overload current iaw, load class VI)

1.0 up to
4.0 kA

4.0 up to
6.0 kA

2.5 up to
4.0 kA

2.5 up to
4.0 kA


Motor drive/lockout magnet (option)      24/60/110/220 V DC


  • small installation volume
  • high overload capacity
  • low drive power requirements
  • easy exchange of auxiliary equipment
  • freely accessible auxiliary switch