of concept and process quality

We monitor and review every project with the greatest possible care to meet your and our high quality expectations.

Quality-assuring organizational and project structure

The quality inspections to be conducted during process execution are defined for each contract and are subject to

  • regular engineering reviews.
  • In-house quantity inspections and function tests
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Erection and commissioning tests at the construction sites

The respective processing and inspection status is documented and recorded, thus allowing on-demand identification and traceability throughout the production cycle.

Internal audit, corrective actions, and continuing education

By its nature, our quality policy includes:

  • contract review
  • receiving inspection
  • tier-one and tier-two supplier ratings

Following the completion of a project, we develop corrective and preventive actions that contribute toward the continuous improvement of our services, products, and processes. This knowledge is also reflected in the continuing education and training of our employees.


Our quality and process management system has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.
We place a high priority on occupational safety and environmental protection and have been certified against the "Safety Certificate Contractors" (SCC) standard.


Elpro is a Q1 supplier and a qualified supplier in selected business areas of Deutsche Bahn AG.

We are also a certified specialist as a PCS 7 solution partner. Since the market introduction of the system, we have equipped more than 30 large-scale projects with PCS 7.