Shop floor of Elpro GmbH

On more than 4,000 m2 of shop floorspace, we produce ready-to-connect, fully wired and function-tested electrical engineering products for the following applications:

Low-voltage switchgear

Niederspannungs-Schaltanlage ENSaS 5000

Niederspannungs-Schaltanlage ENSaS 5000

Based on in-house developments, as a license partner, and to customer specifications, we project-manage and manufacture switchgear with:

  • Rated operating voltages up to 690 V AC
  • Nominal current up to 6300 A
  • Rated short-circuit current up to 160 kA lcw (1s)
  • Infeeds, couplings, and taps
  • Hardwired, insert, and withdrawable design configurations
  • Protection type up to IP54 
  • Cable and/or rail connections from below/overhead.

We optimize our solutions based on the manufacturer-independent use of electrical operating equipment and the unrestricted selection of the housing system.

Mid-voltage switchgear



We project-manage, fabricate, and supply MV installations for

  • power plants
  • substations
  • switching stations
  • industrial plants of all types
  • MS utility grids of the power utilities.

The primary components are project-managed and manufactured in collaboration with our system partners ABB and Scheider Electric. Our in-house operations finalizes the controller, the installation protection, and the control systems integration, including all testing, assembly, and commissioning .

DC switchgear



With regard to railway power supply, we produce and deliver DC switchgear for public regional commuter railways.

For rectifier sub-stations, we manufacture:

  • station service plants
  • Rectifiers
  • DC switchgear panels
  • High-speed switch modules (HSSM)

Elpro products are intended for use in  railway power supply installations with a nominal voltage of 750 V DC and 3000 V DC.

Automation and protection technology

On various system platforms, we manufacture systems for instrumentation and control engineering:



[Translate to Englisch:] Wir fertigen auf verschiedenen Systemplattformen Lösungen für die Automatisierungstechnik:

  • E/A-Stationen
  • SPS-Schränke
  • Server-Schränke
  • Video-Schränke
  • BOB-Anlagenteile
  • Ausrüstungen für Schaltwarten.

Für die Energieversorgung fertigen wir:

  • Schutzschränke für 220 kV- und 380 kV-Netze
  • Schutz- und Steuerschränke für 110 kV-Netze
  • Schutz- und Steuerschränke für 110 kV-Wind-Einspeise-Unterwerke
  • Eigenbedarfsanlagen
  • DC-Verteilungen.

[Translate to Englisch:] Antriebssysteme

 We have 50 years of experience project managing, manufacturing, supplying, and commissioning regulated DC and three-phase drives, and for complete installation solutions. We also supply complete drive equipment consisting of transformers, frequency converters, and power rectifiers from 10kW to 10 MW for LV and MV applications.