Power distribution systems are the backbone of a secure and reliable energy supply. We are your competent source for power distribution for power utilities, traction power, and electrical equipment for rail systems. And since regenerative  energy sources are increasingly gaining in significance due to the limited supply of fossil-based sources of energy, we have specialized in the power infeed of regenerative energy sources.

In addition to new construction, our services also include overhauls,  upgrades  and expansions of existing installations, including complete overhauls of primary, secondary, control, and technical safety installations.

Demanding projects for
high, mid, and low-voltage applications

We plan, fabricate, and supply your:

  • Substations for voltage levels up to 110 kV as open-air or indoor installation
  • Rail DC substations for traction power 110/15 kV 16.7 Hz
  • HV, MV and LV switchgear
  • Network feeder installations for renewable energy sources
  • AC and DC power supply installations
  • Replacement of conventional protection and control technology with state-of-the-art systems
  • Telectontrol integration and station-control system outfitting
  • Cable systems

We complete our services by also coordinating all other trades such as above and below ground construction, and structural steel installations. Conversion measures are installed in parallel to on-going operations.

Implementation of ambitious assignments 

Our construction installations are particularly in demand by DB AG and by public commuter transportation operators We project manage and implement

  • 30 kV AC and 750 V DC cable systems for the S-Bahn / Berlin
  • MV / LV power supply and track switch heating installations
  • MS / NS stations and cable networks

Erection and commissioning

We process our contracts with our in-house erection and commissioning staff. Our range of services also include maintenance and service.

Our customers

  • Power utilities
  • Railway operators
  • Operators and planners of wind energy plants
  • Municipal and local utilities
  • Industrial enterprises