Untergrundgasspeicher - Epe 2005/2009

 We can point to a large number of domestic and international references related to the automation of caverne and pore reservoirs. Until now, our company has equipped 15 storage systems with a total storage capacity  in excess of 18,000 million Nm³ with electrical and control equipment.

Our control system solutions

  • Station control with station regulator and travel path control
  • Safety systems (integrated or stand-alone)
  • Integration of switchgear in MCC or hardwired configurations with intelligent bus-based systems
  • Fire and gas warning systems

    Function group controls for sub-systems

  • Cavernes and probes
  • Filter installations
  • Gas drying plant with regeneration
  • Metrology and control loop
  • Compressors

Ranging from sensor technology to controls and actuators, we have extensive design engineering experience for reservoir sub-systems and complete systems. The integration of the control center with the high-level management information system (MIS) and the remote transfer of the required data to and from the control center put the finishing touches on our range of services.

CARE© optimization system

Elpro supplies  the CARE© optimization system, which was developed in collaboration with UGS Mittenwalde. The system facilitates the secure and cost-optimized operational management of aquifer and pore reservoirs.