Verdichterstation Waidhaus

Verdichterstation Waidhaus

Our certified compressor stations ensure reliable transportation from the pumping fields all the way to the end consumer and secure the feed-in & out process for natural gas. We have extensive technical knowledge and a large number of references related to automation of compressor stations, both with respect to station controls as well as machinery automation (unit controls).

Station controls

Our focus is on station controls in compressor series and/or parallel configurations for

  • local automated operation and
  • remote automated operation

High uptime   and failsafe control technology for malfunction-free station operations and for high installation uptime.

Switchgear in MCC or hardwired configurations are an integral element of our system philosophy and our supplied scope.

Compressor unit controls

We are specialized on unit controls for piston and radial compressors.

  • Gas turbines
  • Gas engines
  • Electrical drives

incl. complete sensor technology. This includes special-purpose equipment for speed and flame monitoring and for vibration measurement.

Our range of services is rounded out by MCC technology with intelligent control system interfaces and SIL-compliant safety technology. In addition to new outfitting for piston compressors or turbo compressors from various manufacturers, we also supply expertise for complete electrical, instrumentation and control overhauls of gas turbine drives.