As highly-qualified electrical engineering outfitters for mining and mining enterprises, we guarantee safety, system uptime, and the performance capability of all components for an impeccable overall performance.

Confident and competent

As a manufacturer-independent system integrator, you can rely on us for customized solutions. Take advantage of our extensive experience, our efficient operating practices, and the high quality standards of our company.

We plan, project manage, and supply

  • Shaft winding machinery
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Power supply systems
  • successfully commissioned systems

Highly-capable and independent

  • solution-oriented customer support
  • complete quotations for upgrades and new construction
  • professional project management
  • manufacturer and system-independent component selection of industry-tested manufacturers
  • Design and delivery of complete power supply systems (low, medium-voltage systems, transformers and  compensation networks
  • High-quality lead-assembly and assembly operations
  • ƒefficient commissioning

    Safe and reliable

  • maximum reliability by using redundant and tested fail-safe technology
  • Use of reliable and tested drive and control technology with high investment security
  • comprehensive operational function tests


  • type-approved and certified EAE F1 speed controller for conveyor machinery
  • type-approved and certified EAE B1 brake controller for air intake brakes