Our focus is on a sustainable power supply  while at the same time protecting the environment and the climate. Our solutions are therefore from the onset conceived as one-of-a-kind solutions and are tested against stringent specifications. We are also increasingly dedicating our resources toward decentralized power generation from renewable energy sources.

However, we prepare sustainable concepts regardless of fuel source, for both fossil or renewable energy sources.

Our services

  • Technical designs, project planning, and installation of entire steam, warm water, and hot water installations in all sizes.
  • Systems in all categories (output, temperature, and pressure levels)
  • Adjustment of hydraulic systems to customer requirements

Power plants

Industriekraftwerk Salzgitter

Industriekraftwerk Salzgitter

Elpro is a long-standing partner of highly-reputable utilities and process equipment manufacturers throughout Germany and Europe. In the power range of up to
150 MW, our core competencies include complete electrical engineering and control system equipment for
heat and electrical energy generation plants.

Effective - efficient - Elpro

We provide planning and commissioning services for installation solutions

  • Boilers and heating plants
  • Biomass heating plants
  • Gas and steam fired power plant installations
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Waste incineration and thermal recycling plants
  • Flue gas desulfurization plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Energy conversion centers

In particular innovative co-generation plants are increasingly facilitating increased efficiencies and improved primary energy yields.

Innovative control & power system
solutions for water management

In spite of the continuing world-wide supply constraints, we are nevertheless able to take extremely high-quality tap water from the utility systems.

We fully embrace the responsibility

We recognize the expectation for a secure supply and compliance with mandated thresholds, and have since the beginning of the 90's offered innovative control & power systems systems for implementing the biological, chemical, and mechanical processes.

Our experience is based on the electro-technical outfitting and automation of:

  • Water treatment and sludge treatment plants
  • Waste water and distance pump stations
  • Water plants for potable and service water
  • Industrial water purification plants

Elpro EPC

In collaboration with our subsidiary, Elpro EPC, Berlin,we are expanding our portfolio by segments related to GU. These specifically relate to the segment Energy Centers.